Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Simple Proof Of God Exist...

How should be the answer...
Many people even Christian. Questioning if God Exist? This is all Fruit from Tree of Knowledge.
But simple question of "Is God Exist?" It shouldn't be answered using many advanced answer. the proof shouldn't be like Big Bang Theory for the Creation Universe. or Like
It's not possible to prove God. Ask Budhis Believer, or other religion. They will just say: "If you can know your God, then He is no longer God.." Even until today, none can answer where the wind blow? if we can know when the tornado going to be happened? We just know it just happened.

Not always answer your prayer...
And never be a child, want to believe God only if your wishes is answered.
- If your long hours praying is answered. Or may be days, weeks, months..
- If you can get the girl/ boy you want... or other things.
The answer is Not always. If He, God, always answer your demand, then He is no longer God. Believe me He should be your servant. Do you think your God is your servant??? Actually you are (supposed to be His Servant)... Why? because you have make mistakes. And He already paid your price.

He is not the problem solver ...
Still not understand?
Ah... I remember one of my friend ask me why does God allow evil thing Happened? In Africa a boy can die because of starving... Or there is a war, killing? It seems there is no God.
That is not right. He is the creator. The Alpha and omega. Beginning and Ending. He can create Human from sand. He is powerful. But yet he is so patient. He doesn't punish you, human directly. He waits you patiently. To solve the problem so He knows that you are worthed for his Kingdom.
So, it's our job to fight this evil things. Why? because we believe there is God, the Truth.

Simple answer for simple question...
What is the simple proof if there is God. It's you and me. We are the proof of God.
Without him, your life is without destination and it goes to many short term goal. Like money, women, or popularity.
But when there is God, the Truth. your life is worth designed. You are no longer looking for the most sexy n beautiful girl, or the most rich man with so much convinient. You work hard and hard just to proof there is God in You.

Peace & Love in God.

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