Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Be Ready...

Be Ready....
If last time when Jesus Age, got disciples saying "Be Repent"

Now is the time for another saying "Be Ready..."

Earthquake hit Manila 21- March

Japan Radiation Leakage.

Tornado hit Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia. 30-March
Feel the moment when you read the story from news or friends.
I dont know also what's coming. But all of these are the signs.
Actualy using our technology we should be able to bend all this natural
disaster. But it seems too difficult. Because human are easily
distracted. With daily difficulties.
"The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak" (Matthew 26:41)

I do believe God of creator want us to be master of all this natural thing including disaster. Just like He gave us example. Jesus Calms the Storm (Mark 4:35-40) or Noah and the Ark to avoid the Float (Genesis 6:5—9:17)
To me also feel sometimes very weak. I sometimes still busy sms girls
which I know is wasting time. "Oh, if just keep believing in God. Keep
the spirit willing."
Ok. Let me share with you with my understanding. It's like when you
watch The Last Air bender. We must control all this natural thing. Ok
let me just get to the point.
The Earth Bender, Earthquake
effect is the tremor. How to reduce the tremor. It's same like when we
sit on top of car. There is soft-breaker. It will reduce the tremor.
The Water Bender, Tsunami. It's explained already on my last post.

Then Air Bender, Tornado. It comes happened to any points of our earth when there is a big different pressure or temperature. The Ideal Gas Law relates pressure, temperature, and volume.
p.V = n.K.T
or can be also writen as The Individual Gas Constant
p1V1/T1 = p2V2/T2
P: Pressure
V: Volume
T: Temperature.

When happend got big different on temperature in one point. Definitely
based on the equation it will make large movement of the gas to other
point so it becomes equal. So, there is a movie got a machine that can
dissapear the tornado. I watch one, Twister or something it has the
equipment that need to be put near the landing point of tornado. It's
actually to generate the reverse pressure or temperature of that point. To
understand it easily just look at your Air Cond. or your Refridge. It's
using same principle with help of freon to dissipate the heat transfer.
Last Fire Bender, is for Japan Nuclear
when on Fire. or any outside destruction coming from out of the earth.
It's like Meteor rain fall. or Nuclear War (cause by human). It's all
using other elements to stop it. It's same like the movie. When Fire is
as the enemy side.. =) Just kidding.
Actually what you need to do is understand how the transport media of
fire. It's Oxygen.
It's same like what our lungs need every second. to burn out the fat to
make the calori as energy for our human body cells. To stop any fire.
Just make it vacuum. That's all. And using all other elements, we can
do the Vacuum thing. With Love,

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