Saturday, November 18, 2006


Exam is coming...

You may believe me if I say someone back to school after 4 years working. That is happened to me... =P
Here I study again everyday. I prepare my exam like Hell. =P
I still don't know how to solve some problem.
Let me share some of my knowledge.

Bipolar Junction Transistor -> should be for amplification.
Metal Oxide Semiconductor -> should be for many application. Probably best for digital circuit.
Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor. the technology after BJT. It's created to solve limitation from BJT. It's hetero-junction not like BJT only homo.
Photonic Device:
We have laser. THen Infrared Photodetector.

Learn all of these things are very interesting.But to answer the question for how much GPA is for me? =D
Only by six question with 3 other sub question and other 2 possible sub of sub question, It's too much. It becomes 6*3*2 = 36 questions. For 3 hours working.

I have devoted my hours just to gain this knowledge. hmmm...

Please comment, for you who work on EEE.
Band gap, Charge, Poisson Equation. I hope some of those words matched with your keyword at google. =)
DOn't look at me like that. I am stress also now.

Erwin S.

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