Monday, May 19, 2008


Nibiru, The Visiting Planet & End of the world

Well all I know is that :
- our Galaxy is not the only Galaxy.
- Even our sun is rotating, moving by gravitation of other bigger star, or even the black hole.
So, It's possible that Nibiru or planet x may be just visiting planet or just like commet.

So the interesting point is its relationship with "end of the world" Scenario.
The direct possibility will be:
"If Nibiru will reach inner planet orbit, its graviation will exactly disrupted earth rotation and the doomsday phrophecy is confirmed."
But if it's only just reaching outer planet then, it may be nothing happend. or say it as "God is giving us the chance to continue our life, business, stress, and other things..."

But look at all signs:
2002 (may not be related =P) : Sept 11th happened in US kill about thousands people
2004 : Tsunami kill thousands of my people, Indonesians, & in other countries, make many people homeless....
2006 (may not be related =P) : The Hurricane Katrina happend in US, make some people homeless
2008 : The Earthquake in Sinchuan, China & Cyclone in Myanmar, once again kill thousands people & make many people homeless....

Continue this loop, 2 year gap, 2010 may have a little small disaster, n other (every 4 year gap), 2012 is the hit, In the year of Dragon. May be just like the pophecy... Check out:
Phrophecy is always an interesting topic. As common
saying: "none know the future".
Check this out for the end of the world phrophecy:

the end of the world phrophecy-Part 1

the end of the world phrophecy-Part 2

It's 4 years from now.
Vote if it's happened or if it's just like other
Will the earth get narrowest distance from Jupiter n
disrupt its rotation?

And the complete scenario, by Nibiru would look like:
Nibiru 2012 - The end of the World

This is "the Complete Scenario prediction".
Notes it may be happened n not may not be happened.
But see the movie first...

The Astronomer update by February 2008:

Notes it might be seen by us around 2009 onward, but is it olny with telescope??
So it still not clear either, will nibiru go toward the inner planet
or will it just around outer planet orbital, like pluto?
Only Heaven knows... =)

So my suggestion is always "Keep doing Good Thing"
or my friend sugesstion is to "Love Jesus". =D
Will make sure ur place in heaven if anything happened...

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