Saturday, June 14, 2008


The Moving Earthquake

It's too sad...
It's almost seen. The earth's plates under ground is moving.
Facts :
- Aceh Tsunami, Dec 2004
- Cyclone in Myanmar, May 2008
- Sichuan Earthquake, May 2008
- North Part of Japan, 14 June 2008

One scientist report that I found in Internet:
( Source: )
Earthquakes occur when any of the 12 or 13 tectonic plates collide at their boundaries. The present collision is due to compression between the Indian and Burmese plates. The initial eruption happened near the location of the meeting point of the Australian, Indian and Burmese plates. Scientists have shown that this is a region of compression as the Australian plate is rotating counterclockwise into the Indian plate. This means that the region of seismic activity has become extended extending in a region in the South Eastern Indian Ocean.

This saying like the earth's moving plates surfaces up becoming Earthquake, Tsunami (when it's under water, the sea/ocean).

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