Saturday, March 28, 2009


Multiview acquisition from multi-camera configuration for person adaptive 3D display

The Descrition of "Multiview acquisition from multi-camera configuration for person adaptive 3D display",
source from

It will construct a 3-dimensional object based on some pictures which is taken from some cameras, then interpret it based on observer perspective.
These Two concepts are challenge in computer vision Field. However one is more onto Pattern Recognition, while The Other is onto 3D image reconstruction.

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My Opinion:
Is it interesting?
May be as far as I know there is one which always displaying the usage of CCTV. For example, we put at Airport, we can identify if there is plane or other flying object coming into the airport. Or at boundaries, we see if anything coming to the gate.


Changed Final Project List from Google Cache

The Pictures Below Show Final Project List from NTU.
1. The Original Final Project List
2. Edited List on 2 days after David Death
3. Current Google Cache

CLick the picture to see. The Original Project Title is "Multiview Acquisition from Multi-Camera configuration for Person Adaptive 3D Display"
After His Deatch, it's changed become: "Modelling of Visual Patterns"

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