Monday, June 06, 2011


Remembering Aceh Tsunami...

If try to remember it's start with 2004. Total number value is 6.
If you like prediction read

It's the ending of War by God's Nuclear. As there are war at Egypt & Africa, those WW III prophercies could be happened end of this year, November 2011. Unless one party want to forgive. Or in other words: being a looser. But who wants??? We used to be "We are the champions...2x... of the world."
If that happened, then 2012 doomsday will be the ending.

It's same like what happened in 2004 in Aceh. Do you know what happened in Aceh before tsunami? Well, you can read my last posting or read this news below.

Ok2x I tell you. It's the war. It's the GAM conflict, war between GAM and TNI. Then same ending like World war II. There is a bomb that kill thousands of people. Same effect as in Radius of most bomb. Only thing, it's made by Nature, Water Bomb or Tsunami.
Total of death 226 thousand.
How many people death by two cities bombed? 196 thousand
Seems nature has stronger than human made one... =P

Looking at how the bomb behave. I would say it's pretty similar. If Nuclear bomb is sucking air before it blows back as Hot Air. That Tsunami is sucking water before flow it again in Huge Wave. Believe it or not?

Update of Libyan War :

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