Monday, April 25, 2011


Doing it right before it's going wrong

Remember that people always do the right thing. However sometimes this good purpose doesn't bring good fruits. As we try to do the right thing sometimes has to clash again other people understanding.
Thailand n Cambodia. Have both good purpose for taking care the historical temple area.
It's a good purpose. It's like between a broken family. Who's the man and woman is fighting for the right to taking care the child. Which both party are having good purpose...

Understanding God's will is not as easy as I thought. It sometimes is not clear also which one is God's will.
Should we always try to be looser? Like give your right cheek also, when someone hit your left cheek? But it's what God's will to be a looser (in Human) and being winner (in Peace).
Saying is not as easy as doing it. Because Human are weak. our skin, our bones, everything is not that strong. It only takes around 18,000 days to be brittle. Our emotion is also. We are so weak. Sometimes it doesn't take so many words to make us angry. Just one or two wrong words can do.
Forgiving is like a treasure. Would you like to forgive when you are being hurt? Would you still think to forgive when you are being betrayed? Punishment shouldn't be from Human. It should be from God. Someone said... But still we need to struggle for justice. As justice bring the peace. So it's really not an easy job.

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