Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Japan Earthquake

Japan has face difficult time. As it's hit with Tsunami.
I am thinking now if it's a sign for the 2012 schedule...
As everything is as prescribed
following the Chaos in Arab World. The Libya War...

See the earthquake n tsunami already hit in series as I post on previous blog. Start from Indonesia, up and up to China then now Japan.
It's also the war start from Mesir - then others to Libya.

Never mind. Now I just want to share how to face the Tsunami. I was thinking if we can have a big Wave Breaker. It's common for people living at beach. We make it so that the water not really strong when reach the land. It's also simple. Can be made only with long2x metal or just plain wood of plain tree. As height as the maximum wave can have. For Tsunami we should make like 10M.
Then it should be placed along the beach. So it's like gate of the island.

What do u think? it's realizanle

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