Thursday, March 31, 2011


Be Ready....

dON'T know if it's real or not. But here the list of disaster happened
during this three months.
Beside that I also see Michio Kaku having favor during this as his
speech about the modern city on wrong place. Get the disaster. Well the
last mentioned one is become first, Tokyo? no. It's nearby.
Sendai. Or, it is just a warning.
To me I more believe that our earth has come the furthest position from
the sun. Then as it's affected by other Star. So that the Magma ( core)
which is inside our planet is affected. That's why more movement of
plates during this year. May be also for next year. 2012.
To understand this. Remember beside Earth rotating the sun. Sun also
Rotating in our Milk Galaxy. So, it comes to the time where the
position of our sun solar system is overlaping or nearby to another
solar system. Btw it just may be.....
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