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After David Hartanto killed another NTU Staff Killed

Death Case of David Hartanto Widjaja really need a serious observation. Beside Him, there is another man from NTU who's also died. Got a hint, That behind the Story still got another Fact that's not been revealed.
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From: Christovita Wiloto
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Subject: [mediacare] STOP PRESS: After David Hartanto killed, another NTU Staff Killed

Dear Friends,

Death of David Hartanto Widjaja is more confusing after many clumsiness between Singapore Info Medias with the facts.

Beside it,there is another news that found death body of NTU Staff EEE. Makes it more confusing. The news can be read bellow.

We hope friends in Media to do more investigation for this case. For these times, What we have in Singapore Newspapers is only with fake scenario, like this:

David Smart Student—-> Playing game too much —-> forget to study —-> got his bad mark in school —-> Scholarship taken out —-> depression —-> stabbed his profesor —-> jump suicide

Please help to cross check, with deeper investigation. We also need change the public understanding which already bad to this fellow, Indonesian Student. To taken care Indonesia Image and His Civil Rights.

We wish Singapore Government can reveal this case as soon as possible. and Indonesian Government to participate more active.

To friends who got care to our death case of David Hartanto Widjaja, Please join us in Facebook di

Warm Regards,
Christovita Wiloto


NTU officer found hanged
March 7, 2009

A NANYANG Technological University infocomm project officer was found hanged in a staff apartment at the NTU campus on Friday night.
Mr Zhou Zheng, 24, a Chinese national from the Division of Information at the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) was pronounced dead in his flat at Block 101C Nanyang Heights at about 10.50 pm.

His body, which was found hanging in the balcony of his apartment, was believed to have been taken down by a friend before police arrived.
Confirming the death, which comes less than a week after a final year student, also from the School of EEE, fell to his death after stabbing a professor on Monday morning, NTU said the university is providing every assistance to Mr Zhou’s family.

‘Professional counsellors and senior university officers were immediately on site to offer support, help and counsel where needed,” said an NTU statement on Saturday.

Separately, NTU President, Dr Su Guaning sent an email to all faculty staff and students on Saturday morning informing them that the university is ‘deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Mr Zhou’ and that his family has been notified. It is not known if the family members are in Singapore.

‘We are doing our utmost to help his family and friends, residents at Nanyang Heights and anyone in the NTU community that may be traumatised by what has happened in our campus this week,’ said Dr Su.’We shall rally together and pull through this difficult period.’

On Monday, David Hartanto Widjaja, 21, an Indonesian student whose scholarship was terminated, stabbed Associate Professor Chan Kap Luk, 45, in the back during a discussion in his office at the NTU campus, then slit his own wrists before fleeing and falling four floors to his death shortly after.
Prof Chan, who suffered injuries to his back and right hand, has been discharged from hospital and is on medical leave.

Source: Straits Times

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